Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Nothing Wrong With It!

Nothing Wrong

Why is weed illegal but cigarettes arent?! How does that make any sense. Weed is proven to be better for you then cigarettes and has even been proven to reduce your risk of cancer! Its so looked down upon yet if you look at someones lungs of a regular smoker, and the lungs of a person who smokes weed, the difference would be huge! The person who hacks darts will have lungs filled with tar. But sorry weed is bad for you? If the government wont make cigarettes illegal because they make too much money off the taxes of them, why wont they just make weed leagal to? They could double their money from taxes and everybody would be happy! You dont get addicted to weed, yet you can to cigarettes. When you smoke weed, you just calm down and relax, but hacking a dart literally kills you.

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