Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Why Is This A Thing?

Why Is This A Thing?

Why do blogs exist? What is the point of it? Why dont people just tweet it out or post it on facebook and if your that out of the group put it on myspace! Worst of all, why does my English class have to blog? I'm not going to lie i think its pretty pointless. All of my blogs are rants and some of them don't even apply to me but I write about it just so it counts as writing a blog! Its not like any of us are going to blog after this or use this account after were not forced to. I just find blogs pretty pointless, especially the ones that our English class writes about. No offense to anyone but its not like anyone else other then the people in our school will even look at it! It feels like a complete waste of time (no offense Mrs. Le). I just don't see the point of learning to do something that none of us will use in the future.
Why the Boston Bruins Should Have Won

As many of you reading this may (should) know, the Boston bruins made it to the Stanley Cup finals last year (2012-2013). Unfortunately they didn't win despite all of their highlights throughout the year. There are 3 different reasons as to why they should have won the Stanley Cup last year.

First off, the Boston Bruins had to win a serious battle against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Their first series of the playoffs were against the Leafs. A series works as first team to 4 wins moves onto the next playoff series.  The series had gotten to game 7. The most intense game there could be. The Bruins started off to a porr start and were down in game seven 4-1 in the last period. Boston then cameback and won the game in overtime ending the game off 5-4 Boston, with an incredible comeback.

Another reason of why Boston should have won the cup was because of their series against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins were the team that was looked upon to take the Bruins out of the playoffs due to their tremendous amount of skill and players such as Sydney Crosby. Although Boston had gotten so close to losing to the Leafs, a team who is looked down upon from their lack of wins, Boston ended up beating the Penguins 4-0 in the series! 

The last reason as to why Boston should have won last year is because of their insane heart and motivation. The Bruins mad the ridiculous comeback against the Leafs only through determination, swept (4-0'd) the Penguins with concentration and ended up losing even with a combination of both against the Chicago Blackhawks in the finals. Boston fought through all of that and deserved the win against Chicago yet they pushed even harder then that. In game 6 of the series against Chicago the captain of the Boston Bruins, Zdeno Chara, was playing hurt alongside player Patrice Bergeron who was also hurt in the finals. Chara didn't confirm that he was injured during the finals (which is common for players to do in playoff games) but the coach did confirm after the series that he was injured. Patrice Bergeron however did have an injury confirmed before he went to the last game of the playoffs. patrice played game 6 of the series against Chicago with a broken rib and a separated shoulder. This shows Bostons true heart and determination to win the Stanley Cup.

The Boston Bruins didn't only show their skill and talent fighting for the cup, but their determination to win as well. Yes, Chicago also fought well for the Stanley Cup, but compared to the Bruins, no, they didn't deserve to win.

School: AKA Child Abuse

          I hate school. I literally hate school more then anything or anyone. The thought of school makes me cringe. I guess the first reason is the fact that I'm not really a morning person. I need my sleep and considering I cant fall asleep till 2 in the morning anyways, going to bed late and waking up early don't add up. Its child abuse. In all seriousness though, teachers and anyone with any knowledge knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And since I wake up the latest i possibly can with just enough time to shower and get ready, I don't have time to eat "the most important meal of the day". On top of that, everyone old always talks about how they wish they were young again and how we should make the best of it when we have the chance. What chance? Going to one party during a 2 week break and one after exams the entire year? School is supposed to help you learn and strive for success in grades, yet they give you homework. Whats the point of even having school if your just going to makes us learn and do more work then we do in school, at home! So when I get home now, I do homework for an hour and a half then go to work, or if i don't work that night I spend all of my time working on past-due projects that I haven't done yet because of work! School needs to start later, so we could possibly eat, or just don't give us booklets bigger than dictionaries. Torturing us by being tired, or not having a social life, it all adds up. School = child abuse.
How do you let it happpen?

I don't get it. I don't understand how people can just sit there, and literally watch themselves get fat. It doesn't make sense. People just sit there, and watch it happen! The worst part is, they are always complaining about it. Honestly, its not that hard to turn your life around, you just need some determination and a cause to motivate you.

Nothing Wrong With It!

Nothing Wrong

Why is weed illegal but cigarettes arent?! How does that make any sense. Weed is proven to be better for you then cigarettes and has even been proven to reduce your risk of cancer! Its so looked down upon yet if you look at someones lungs of a regular smoker, and the lungs of a person who smokes weed, the difference would be huge! The person who hacks darts will have lungs filled with tar. But sorry weed is bad for you? If the government wont make cigarettes illegal because they make too much money off the taxes of them, why wont they just make weed leagal to? They could double their money from taxes and everybody would be happy! You dont get addicted to weed, yet you can to cigarettes. When you smoke weed, you just calm down and relax, but hacking a dart literally kills you.